Dark Sciences

The Ashley Dickson Immersive Experience

A Soundtrack for an Imaginary Movie

FRAGMENT 4531-45 [12th June 2019]

Found at site A-343 by SAS and OJD, labelled by RA and catalogued by SJ.  Translation provided provisionally by AJBD.

11.6 […] until the days grew longer and the nights shorter […] knew only the power of the DARK SCIENCE within the boundaries (or limits?) of the information available (or known?) to them and transcending all of their efforts to […] until found and brought to the surface by the eager (?) many who awaited their delivery (?) to save them from the darkness that fell around them.  And within these polyglyphs was the sum of all (knowledge/power?) that flowed from the presences within the […] and took them to the readers (or scribes?) who could translate (or transform?) them into the words that may be worked upon by the others who know the AJPTBBSTGS UUASHJ ASHPAL AJPTBB (fragment 23 refers) […] and from these were read the CODICES that were transformed into the words that gave us all the […] power known to fuel (or drive?) our ASHAPTNOR DELRA […] YYTRSP (fragment 45 refers) and bring us from the darkness (or night?) to the light (or day?) which sustained us throughout all ATTRIS OR DARUM ETIC ETUS PRO DARUM (fragment 2 refers – maybe a reference to the instruments of warfare) and made us men among men and gods among gods.

11.7 […] (fragments 28 to 56 refer) brought forth us the text of CODEX 14 read to us by AAYAAYA (no fragment refers) who delivered to us the power (or science?) within it that build (or founded?) upon the reason that was those wisdoms read previous to these.  And the words within the pages brought forth our Great Light that lit our darkness and chased (or frightened?) all night and fear (or worry?) from our lands and from that moment on was known as the BRIGHT SCIENCE whose […] was worked within from […] by the […] but at no time was ever beyond the […] within the […] which was always read (or spoken?) of with goodness in heart (or spirit?) and delight (?) and happiness within the SHAKR-ETUS PRO ETUS (fragment 23 refers) which gave us forth the […] and banished forever (or always?) the fear that […] and all attacks upon us would […] given their failure (or defeat?) within their own lands […] would be taken from them and delivered (or given?) to those who knew only the darkness and who did not love (or worship?) the light that came from within it.  So was written it within the text CODEX 14 read to us by AAYAAYA (no fragment refers) who delivered to us the power (or science?) within.

11.8 And from the heart of the SHAKAR-AL TERTRA SUOUM PRO DARUM (see notes 12 to 14, may refer to fragments 34 et seq.) came forth the golden ARTAK (?) within which was contained the […] sacred jars (or pots?) within the greater (or larger?) of which rested the pages bound by reeds and wrought (?) upon us by […] and within what lay (or was found?) brought forth us the text of CODEX 15 read to us by AAYAYAT (no fragment refers) who delivered to us the power (or science?) within it that build (or founded?) upon the reason that was those wisdoms read previous to these.  And the words within the pages brought that power known at INDUSTRY which was used as the governor (?) to […] and amplify all products used within that sound and to […] produce (or manufacture?) the processes of that INDUSTRY into a many-sided ARTIFA MAGNUS PER QUINTUS PLURA (fragment 34 refers, see General Notes 12) which known to […] us only as the […] HEDRON which did not contain any […] but gave us the powers of MULTEX QUA MULTEX, MACHINA PER MACHINA (fragment 23 refers), not only within the bounds of industry but through SPEED and MAXI PRO DARUM travelled […] faster than the speed of sunbeams could carry to […] and yet still remain (or stay?) […] untouched yet passing through all time and becoming what was no longer there before.  So was written it within the text CODEX 15 read to us by AAYAYAT (no fragment refers) who delivered to us the power (or science?) within.

11.9 [No reference]

11.10 [No reference]

11.11 [No reference]

11.12 […] came forth the readings of the WHITE CODEX which bounded upon the wills (or wishes?) of the […] and brought to us the second […] boundaries (or limits?) of the daylight […] and gave us a second BRIGHT SCIENCE lighter than before and able to withstand (or overbear?) the powers of […] and gave us the greatest gift know to man so far, that being the power of […]written it within the text WHITE CODEX read to us by AAYAAYA (no fragment refers) who delivered to us the power (or science?) within.

11.13 […] delivered to us the powers within the LACED CODEX found left within […] and given to us within the […] greater glory than any other […] INDUSTRY and INVENTION and DESIGN […] from within spiritual repeat […] and of a chant (or Mantra?) […] do we do without all such things.  […]read to us by AATSAATA (no fragment refers) who delivered to us the power (or science?) within.

11.14 […] written 1300 years (or other measures?) from the date […] given down on the Mount […] to our forefathers (or ancestors?) […] being lost for centuries and found again within AGRIC PER DORAM IN DORUM ET DORUM MAGNICA. (fragment 34 refers, see General Notes 12) […] given to us […] per […] son of REDACTED […] and so powerful that no man may look upon REDACTED without knowing the fear of REDACTED and the sounds that […] sung by by martyrs and given to […] son of REDACTED who never […] and whose name is […] called that of SINAITICUS. (no reference found)

11.15 All work and words were carried out (or laboured over?) by the people on the […] whose names were REDACTED and REDACTED and REDACTED.  And they were finding (or inventing or discovering?) something new to […] and their teams of scribes and scholars (or scholars and scribes?) were both without fatigue and hunger for […] they worked days and nights to bring power (or science?) to the land and glory to this people, above all knowing their worth and their […].  So was written then that REDACTED.

11.16 […] came upon that verses by a lowly scribe (or scholar?) named R?G?N P?R?BLE (likely Rogan Parable?) who whilst working (or toiling?) on the Codex […] came on the idea of greater power known (or divulged?) only to the very few (or learned?) who were keenest on […] gave to him th promise of power (or knowledge?) and wealth of […].  RP knew of the presence of the forbidden pages (or codices?) and went in search of them to make his […] 

11.17 The journey taken by […] essayed the forbidden knowledge, the pages of which […] and were taken by ROGAN PARABLE in the following manner.  […] the first states of the respectful, book the second speaks of the overconfident (an initial belief or a mind trying to reject (or condem?), book the third […] and a horror discovered (?) within the […] and knowing only that […[ there is a dilemma (first) in rejecting the idea or condemning it, whereas dilemma (second) […] to rally (or yield?) to the evil found within or to flee (?) from it; fourth tallies (?) […] only a fragment which […] the debris of the mind (?) […] unheeded (?) in the hurries (?) of evil […] into a whirlpool of anguish (or despair?) […] no escape and no victory. [...] (Note: the manuscript pages are seriously damaged at this point)

11.18 Leading others to this forbidden knowledge gave him possession (or knowledge?) of ATAL VA ATALMA DOYUM VA ATAR (fragment 14 refers, also General Notes paragraphs 12-16) known only as the DARK CODEX, found an […] illumination (or description?) the content of which is as is read here: (All information from here is REDACTED per General Notes 12 and 13) […] and was now known to the troubled (or anguished?) mind of RP that in his **** **** **** (likely note, given for a ‘disordered state’, see General Notes 3) he took it into his head to release this knowledge and hand it to those within the […] guarded at noon by red windows and towered over an night by the watching eye above.  The […] journey to be made by night (or by night time?) took him to the AYAL CHA AYAL CHA DORUM DEL AVAR (fragment 17 refers)

11.19 In the course of the journey came to RP a REVELATION that gave him courage.  The vision given to him (or played to his mind?) concerned […] and REDACTED and did not allow (or permit?) anyone other than him to be with anything aside from those who stood (or waited?) aside from REDACTED and REDACTED who were both members of REDACTED […] led him to advice.  Taken from him there he bounded the LIGHTHOUSE (Note: also known as ‘Red Windows’)within which they carried out ADAL ADAL DOM FURRIVAR DOM ADAL VON DAVINAR (fragment 11 refers). Within he reported a pursuit from behind leading to infernal devices above (or beyond?), all […] calling out through the blackened skies and turning a beam in the dark on a count of QUATRA QUA UNDO. (Fragment 9 refers, likely counts of four by one)

11.20 RP came upon those who waited and worked (or toiled?) within the edifice […] known only as THE SCIENTIANS whose sombre (or serious?) artifice (?) soon gave way to a delight (or joy?) at the revelation they were given (or played to their mind?) but to great was that eagerness that RP and his followers (Note: my emphasis) declined to decode the knowledge of the […] codex held within and left them on a […] being pursued by many who wished the secret to be revealed to them and to them alone.  And many lives were lost and many bloods were shed AGA AGRA AL AGRAFAX (fragment 18 refers) but the secret remained intact and c locked within the head of RP for that time.  For his promise […] rightfully under illusion […] gave him despair […] and the promise of wealth (or riches?) meant less for the Scientians and then took […] this to the power of the sacred […] for their safety and keeping.

11.21 Fell (or advanced?) upon the hill of REDACTED within which dwelled those known as the HIEROPHANTS who gave (or imparted?) the sacred (or revered?) knowledge held for […] within their […] (significant fragments missing at this point) […] who pieced together […] THAT WHICH PASSES […] IN NOE EX DUADUM EX ACHARDMUM NONA SPIRITA (fragments 4 and 67 refer) […] took it from him not by force but within the love (or persuasion?) […] gave a great ceremony or feasting […] their prodigal had returned […] ROGAN PARABLE REVERNTI CON DUAR PHAEDON (fragment 21 refers) […] only then did they notice […] not in love but as a statement (or declaration?) of war (or aggression?) […] moved onwards did they and fell (or advanced?) upon the hill of REDACTED where they took the […] powers made to be powers of […] and from that gambit they knew no pity and knew no conscience […] (manuscript destroyed by corrosion or fire at this point, resumes later) and once invoked brought forward their greatest dream of a REDACTED within a REDACTED of form that REDACTED had seen within the REDACTED of the REDACTED that they had stolen from the REDACTED of REDACTED.  And it moved (or swelled?) and as it moved (or swelled?) it became that greatest ABOMINATION that anyone had ever witnessed since REDACTED produced REDACTED and cost the REDACTED in REDACTED.  And it grew and waited and knew and watched and waited.  And as it did the land grew bare and trees fell from the ground and the world grew BEREFT of all sustenance and darkness fell across the face of the land and ROGAN PARABLE was seen no more.

11.22 Those travelling people of the hill of REDACTED within which dwelled those known as the HIEROPHANTS who gave (or imparted?) the sacred (or revered?) knowledge held for centuries past, revealed the truth of the following as by their on witness.   It is written as their history and chronicled within their (see section 11.21) collective memories and can be taken as truth.  They gave us the sign of the HAUNTED SCIENCE and wrote down their fears into one shining […] CODEX MINIMAS (no reference) and CODEX MAXIMAS (no reference) which condensed knowledge and power into the single force known […] by all and many (or the majority?) as the HYPERCUBE which […] break all spirits and vanish all […] power of DESPAIR and the loss of all […] nothing and no HOPE […] and turned upon the enemy thew flew into oblivion and disappeared into the last […] and within that realm there was no hope, no escape and no victory (or triumph?) but the loss of all recovery (?)and the end of all beginnings. (?) And they looked on the triumph (?) and wished for it more and they received. […] ADANAEDUM SON DORUM CON DORALDUM (no fragment refers) […] and over all dead and plundereddid the light break and sunk them all into […] and from within that […] spirits came down to […] and the light gave a MOTE which shone on all around (or nearby?) and granted them the promise of eternal […].

11.23 [No reference]

11.24 [No reference]

11.25 [No reference]

11.26 [No reference, see fragment 34 for guidance]

11.27 [No reference]

11.28 […] gave back the power to those who stole (or liberated?) it and let his soul (or spirit?) RISE (NB: this word always stressed in capitals elsewhere) […] and took up his ATLANTA DEL OFFAR DUN DORUM ET DIORUN ET IN ERCADIS SUM DEUS (fragment 13 refers) […] to move lowly upon the face of the troubled seas […] to drift casually over the aspect of the ruined (?) landscapes […] to fall upon the air and breathe in its sadness and then to make an amend (?) for the passage of the noise (?) and the industry (?) and the fighting (?) and the plague (?) that THOU has bestowed upon the world and in the amend there will be […] some form (or type?) of SLOW ATONEMENT for all that has passed in our name. […] AND HIS SOUL TOOK FLIGHT (?) AND WAS SEEN AND SPOKEN OF NEVER AGAIN. (Note: this entire passage is subject to review)

11.29 [All references suspended]

11.30 [All references suspended]

11.31 [All references suspended]

11.32 Within the pages recorded in the new (or latest?) CODEX REDACTED is THE UNIFIED THEORY OF REDACTED and that this […] fell into several parts from the words of the HIEROPHANTS.  AJPTBBSTGS UUASHJ ASHPAL AJPTBB CON CODUS MALIMA.

11.33 […] overarching feeling of the PRESENCE of the […] washed over all […] (Note: manuscript very indistinct at this part, may have severe water damage) nothing else was found of the […] and [..] magical […] came upon (?) […] NONILA CON NOMIDA (no reference) […] EISHLEIGH DAEKSON (no reference) […] (Note: manuscript appears to have been deliberately torn at this section – three entire pages missing) […] the consequences of which were felt over all of the land and beyond and which extended to the deepest part of the water and to the highest part of the mountains and to the further […] into the air and down into the darkest (or deepest?) descent of hell (?) from which the [..] came […] and did not stop until […] beyond the […] and death followed […] from the land came […] HIELS-CREIM (?) and all LIFE was EXTINGUISHED  (Note: original capitals) and nothing could walk on the […] again for […] there being aught but […] without reason and fear without end.[…] no end but the death of all pity and the end of reason. […] Darkness came at midday for […] no sound so terrible, no loss so […] above and beyond the […] no birds to sing the weary lament of […] why not the sound […] mutinous waves on the shoreline […] no man walked […] was lost in the setting of the sun and the […] REALISATION was completed.

11.34 [All references suspended]

11.35 [All references suspended]

11.36 CONCLUSIONS and CONSEQUENCES. Peace, war, restoration, justice, destruction.  All are brought by […]




01 - Dark Science

02 - Codex 14

03 - Bright Science

04 - Codex 15

05 - Hedron

06 - White Codex

07 - Bright Science (Redux)

08 - Laced Codex

09 - Sinaiticus

10 - Rogan Parable

11 - Dark Codex

12 - Revelation

13 - Lighthouse (Red Windows)

14 - The Scientians (The Room of Cloaks)

15 - The Hierophants

16 - Abomination

17 - Bereft

18 - Haunted Science

19 - Hypercube

20 - Mote

21 - Slow Atonement

22 - The Unified Theory of [REDACTED]

23 - Presence

24 - Realisation

25 - Conclusions

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